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On 17 July, Play:Fair for People and Planet took place in Milan, Italy. The event aimed to inspire, connect and mobilize people all around the world by bringing together musicians, performing artists and local and international activists. Produced as a sustainable music event, we want to reimagine a new world where we address the global challenges of climate injustice and inequality. 

The music industry can lead the way in setting an example in how we can produce big events and take climate and the environment into account to reduce the stress on our planet. Let’s adapt to nature rather than the other way around. 

With major events and conferences happening in 2021, from the Food Systems Summit to COP26, Play:Fair served as our kick-off activation in the lead up to our Global Week to #Act4SDGs, held on 17-28 September during the UN General Assembly.  

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17 JULY, AT 6:30 PM (UTC +2)

Join us  as we mobilize people all around the world to take action in the lead up to the Global Week to #Act4SDGs. 

The event will be live streamed right here on 

Do you advocate for green policies and offset your emissions? Do you speak up on gender equalityDo you support local food sourcesTell us about your sustainable actions and reserve your spot! Register and you will receive an email with your virtual ticket to the event. Post your action on social media and tag us @SDGAction with the hashtag #TurnItAround for a chance to be featured on our social media channels.



The Global Week to #Act4SDGs has grown from strength to strength since it launched in 2017. Our mobilization ambition for 2021 is to inspire at least 100 million people to take individual and collective SDG action – from 56 million in 2020 – with an overall target of mobilizing 1 billion actions by 2030.




Margherita Vicario is a urban/pop singer/songwriter and actress. She studied at the Accademia Europea di Arte Drammatica and starred in a series of movies and tv shows directed by Woody Allen, Marco Pontecorvo, Lamberto Bava among many others. She just released her new album Bingo in May 2021 to great acclaim, after a series of singles and EPs over the last few years. In 2020, despite the pandemic she managed to play her biggest tour to date, with over 30 sold out shows all over Italy. She is the Italian ambassador of KeyChange.


Among the most talented DJs and producers in Italy, Populous has a long and solid career that started almost 15 years ago. He has released many albums + produced many hits for hip hop and pop artists. By bringing his queer identity to music, Populous celebrates a femininity outside every gender stereotype.


An artist of Congolese origin, Epoque was born in Turin and raised between Paris and Brussels, before settling in the Piedmontese capital. The conscious lyrics, in which she mixes Italian with French and Lingala, combined with an encounter between musicality and afro rhythms, give an international breath to her style. 


Leading up to the Play:Fair activation, three Turning Point Dialogues took place, featuring established and emerging changemakers and inspirational actors, sharing personal insights, ideas and calls to action through an intimate conversation format.


Music can educate and inspire taking action. It has the power to bring positive changes in society at scale. And this power can be harnessed to inspire and mobilize people, organizations and decision-makers across cultures and regions, to turn it around for a healthy, green and just future for all.  

Youth +

With over 1 billion young people in the world emerging from a pandemic, the racial and climate justice movements have amplified young activist’s voices. These movements have multiplied, been replicated and show the urgency of this moment to accelerate action on climate.   


Climate change is a threat multiplier that affects many areas of our lives, including our food system. Transforming to a more sustainable food system ensures that we are on track to achieve the SDGs as it, among other things, helps fight inequalities and alleviates hunger.  

Music + Sustainability

14 July 2021

Turning Point
Dialogue 1: Music for People and for Planet

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Youth + Climate

15 July 2021

Turning Point
Dialogue 2: Young People Turning it Around for Climate

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Play:Fair is a hybrid on-site and virtual half-day music activation that sets a new standard for music events: sustainable, accessible, scalable, and replicable. It is a major mobilization moment for individual action in the lead up to the Global Week to #Act4SDGs in September. 

The music activation from Milan was broadcasted online making it accessible to people anywhere in the world. Local performing artists shared a stage to engage individuals worldwide to inspire, mobilize and connect people everywhere to #TurnItAround for People and Planet.  

Accompanying the Play:Fair activation was a 3-episode series of the Turning Point Dialogues. Each episode aired consecutively three days before Play:Fair to give the audience insights into the thematic narratives of music and sustainability, climate, and food systems. 

This year, Play:Fair was organized by the UN SDG Action Campaign and the Music Innovation Hub. 

Bringing together musicians, performing artists and local and international activists, Play:Fair aimed to inspire, connect and mobilize people all around the world with the powerful language of music. We wanted to reimagine a new world where we address the global challenges of climate injustice, inequality and ensure a sustainable food system for all. With major events and conferences happening in the next few months, from the Food Systems Summit to COP26, we seized the moment on 17 July to begin a major activation in the lead up to our Global Week to #Act4SDGs, held during 17-28 September during the UN General Assembly.

  • Music + Sustainability: The music industry can lead the way in setting an example in how we can produce big events and take climate and the environment into account to reduce the stress on our planet. Let’s adapt to nature rather than the other way around. Performances by local artists are held during daylight, outside, to reduce electricity consumption, in existing unexpected stages, such as in a park or a garden. Food is locally sourced, and no single-use plastic is used to reduce our carbon footprint. For festival line-ups, gender equality is taken into considerations.
  • Youth + Climate: With over 1 billion young people in the world emerging from a pandemic that is still upending lives, the combined wave of social, racial and climate justice movements that is sweeping the globe have amplified young activist’s voices more than ever before. Combined with social media, these movements have multiplied, been replicated and show the urgency of this moment to accelerate action on climate. The Youth Summit and pre-COP takes place end of September/early October in the lead-up to COP26 in Glasgow, UK.
  • Food Systems: Climate change is a threat multiplier for hungry and undernourished people. Combined with conflict, it destroys livelihoods, drives displacement, widens inequalities, and undermines sustainable development — including the goal of zero hunger by 2030. Climate change impacts all aspects of the food system, from food production and availability, to access, quality, utilization, and stability. The pre-Food Systems Summit is held in Milan, Italy 26-28 July. The Food Systems Summit is convened in September 2021.

Play:Fair was broadcast live from Milan, Italy, on Saturday, 17 July 2021 at 18:30-21:30 CET. 

People from around the world were able to get their virtual tickets by sharing their sustainable actions online prior to the event. It was a live only event, and you can see our highlights video here. 

Please see the lineup. 

The Play:Fair event concept is to be as sustainable as possible, from holding the event in daylight to reducing electric consumption to featuring local artists. For that reason, we offered people who live in Milan an opportunity to sign up for a chance to attend in-person, by walking, biking, or using public transportation to the event. 



The Play:Fair format is focused on keeping sustainability front and centre. It sets an example to the rest of the music industry to produce events in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. Solutions such as holding the event during daylight to reduce electricity consumption, curating a line-up of local artists and audiences to eliminate lengthy travel, and promoting sustainable transport such as trains or biking to the venue, help reduce our climate footprint. Play:Fair also promotes using existing stages rather than construct new ones to take full advantage of what we already have. 

On-site, we rely only on sustainable materials as much as possible, no unnecessary and harmful single use plastic. And rather than using massive digital displays that require a lot of electricity to run, we rely on an immersive sound experience, using the speakers we already have for the event.  

We also want to ensure the event is accessible, inclusive and diverse, so it is important that our line-up have gender representation on stage to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.  

There is so much more you can do; these are some of the key elements of the concert: 


By streaming Play:Fair online, people from around the world were able to attend the global broadcast making it accessible to as many people as possible.   


This format aims to reduce carbon emissions related to the production of a live music event.  

Play:Fair for People and Planet’s sustainable objectives are: 

  • Minimizing the electricity consumption by holding the event during daylight 
  • Find an exceptional location with an existing stage, such as in a park or a field 
  • Provide extra recycling stations for sustainable materials – absolutely no plastic 
  • Encourage the local audience to get to the event by using sustainable transport  
  • Work with natural materials for any production related promo, signage or staging Work with local suppliers and contractors to limit transportation  
  • Create an immersive sound experience (using multiple smaller speakers) to reduce noise pollution;  



Play:Fair makes every effort to avoid generating waste and ensured proper recycling needs are met. So we work with local partners to provide recyclable water cans to the on-site audience and a local bicycle company to offer vouchers for sustainable transport.   


All communication is digital and not printed. Access the program and all information related to Play:Fair online at  


  • Promote and empower a talented and young artistic line-up  
  • Ensure gender equality and equal representation on stage  
  • Keep gender equality and gender representation front and center when inviting the artists  
  • Make sure the line-up is diverse to reflect our multicultural societies 

The Turning Point Dialogues, launched as part of the 2021 edition of the Global Festival of Action, are a series of 10-15 minute ‘in-conversation’ style interviews featuring established and emerging changemakers and inspirational actors, sharing personal insights, ideas and calls to action through an intimate conversation format. 

All of us have a responsibility to accelerate action on tackling the climate crisis. We must do our part in turning it around for people and planet – especially as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.    

Within this framing, inspirational figures are asked to share their knowledge, share their vision and share their inspiration. This series will continue to convene established and emerging changemakers throughout the year in the lead up to Global Week to Act4SDGs in September. 

The Turning Point Dialogue series were broadcasted in the three days leading up to the music activation, from 14-16 July. They are available at Media page, UN SDG Action Campaign YouTube channel, and UN WebTV.

  • Prioritize a plant-based diet;  
  • Calculate your carbon footprint and offset your emissions with the ActNow app – 
  • Advocate for sustainable and green policies at a local level: demand that your elected representatives have climate as a priority on their agendas. 

The Global Week to #Act4SDGs, will take place from 17-218 September, is designed to provide a focal point for collective action on the Goals and to remind world leaders that people around the world are playing their part and are expecting decisive action to accelerate progress for people and planet. Our mobilization ambition for 2021 is to inspire at least 100 million people to take individual and collective SDG action – from 56 million in 2020 – with an overall target of mobilizing 1 billion actions by 2030. Viste ACT4SDGs – WE THE PEOPLE #ACT4SDGS 

How to organize
your own Play:Fair

An open‑source guide for a more sustainable music industry.

The music industry, can inspire, connect and mobilize people all over the world.  The Music industry can create an enabling environment for people that provoke debates, educate, and drive ideas and actions to raise awareness of individual responsibility aligned with the Goals.  It is a natural ally to accelerate the SDGs, and with this Guide, provide an entry point to fully align with the SDG framework of transformation  

This Guide is the first step to developing a SDG music network to bring together like-minded individuals and organisations to unite and upscale their efforts to make music and culture a driver of the Goals.  


17 JULY 2021


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Ms. Ponti holds an MA in Political Science from the University of Milan and has completed an executive education programme from INSEAD in Global Management, Finance and Partnerships. She started her career with the Italian NGO Mani Tese. One of the main architects of the UN Millennium Campaign, Ms. Ponti served as Global Deputy Director and Regional Director for Europe for over a decade and was at the vanguard of innovative campaign initiatives, building multi-stakeholder coalitions, mobilizing resources and forging long-term partnerships between civil society organizations, local government, parliamentarians, media, the private sector and the UN. Prior, Ms. Ponti was an advocacy and resource mobilization specialist with UNICEF and the UN Secretariat. She also served as Chief Operating Officer of Catapult -a girls and women’s right crowdfunding platform and as Special Advisor on post-2015 during the final negotiations of the Agenda 2030 for the global network Social Watch. Ms. Ponti was appointed as Director of the UN SDG Action Campaign in July 2018.


Sampda Sharma

Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Certified Diversity Leader, Activist and Keychange Ambassador

Sampda Sharma, artistically known as Samsaya is an Indian born – Norwegian artist, singer -songwriter, composer, actress, certified diversity leader and activist. Running her own record label 3 millimeter. Her songs have been featured in the Norwegian Grammy winning documentary “Light Fly, Fly High”, Golden Globe winning movie “The Wrestler”, and earned her the Radio NRJ Music Award for most played Norwegian song of the year. Samsaya’s played several hundred concerts in Norway, and toured in the US and Asia with her latest album. Since 2017 she’s been engaged in equality work for all creatives, and is today a board member of NOPA songwriting society, MØST music network, FLB Norwegian Arts council’s fund, and a Keychange ambassador.



Creative Director, Threes Production

Ruggero Pietromarchi is the founder and art director of the experimental and sustainable music festival Terraforma, a three-day event held in 2014 in the park of the historic Villa Arconati. Since 2012 he has been organizing a vast array of events related to music and art; Including ‘Piano City’ in Milan in 2012, ‘Time Lapse’ with Armin Linke, Donato Dozzy and Rabih Beaini for the 2013 Venice Biennale. Starting in 2015, he is curating in collaboration with Lorenzo Senni, the label Presto!? Records. In 2016 he founded Threes Productions, an agency that curates and produces numerous events related to music, art and sustainability. Among these he curated the Boredoms concert for the permanent installation ‘I Sette Palazzi Celesti’ by Anselm Kiefer at the Bicocca Hangar and the Tranceparenti project commissioned by the Franco Parenti Theater on the occasion of the reopening of the historic Piscine Caimi in Milan.  



Director, The Rome Centre for Sustainable Development, UNDP

Musonda Mumba is the Director for The Rome Centre for Sustainable Development under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in close collaboration with the Italian Government’s Ministry for Ecological Transition (IMET).  The Centre focuses on three priority areas: climate change, sustainable development, and nature protection.  In her role, Mumba provides strategic leadership on these matters through convening, collaboration, connecting, and co-creation as the world navigates complexity and uncertainty, with the aim of achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals collectively. She is also the Chair of the Global Partnership on Forest and Landscape Restoration (GPFLR) and also Vice-Chair for the Collaborative Partnership for Forests (CPF).  She has over 25 years’ experience in environmental and conservation issues globally, and has published widely in various journals, newspapers, articles, and contributed to book chapters. Before joining UNDP, Mumba was the head of United Nations Environment Programme – UNEP’s Terrestrial Ecosystems Programme, and served in various roles over a period of 12 years.  A Zambian national, she received her BSc. Ed. at University of Zambia and her Ph.D. at University College London in wetland conservation and hydrology.



Founder-President of Green Hope Foundation & United Nations Human Rights Champion

Winner of the 2016 International Children’s Peace Prize, Kehkashan Basu is a global influencer, TEDx speaker, Climate Reality Mentor, author, musician, peace and sustainability campaigner. A Forbes 30 Under 30 and the first-ever Winner of the Voices Youth Gorbachev-Schultz Legacy Award for her work on nuclear disarmament, Kehkashan is a United Nations Human Rights Champion, a National Geographic Young Explorer, and one of Canada’s Top25 Women of Influence. Kehkashan is the Founder-President of Green Hope Foundation and has spoken at over 200 United Nations and other global fora across 25 countries. She is the youngest Trustee of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, Council Lead of the Toronto-St. Paul’s Constituency Youth Council, Canada, and has tirelessly worked to amplify the voices of young people, women and girls, in decision-making processes




Mitzi Jonelle Tan is a climate justice activist based in Metro Manila, Philippines. She is the convenor and international spokesperson of Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines (YACAP), the Fridays For Future (FFF) of the Philippines. She is also active in FFF International, advocating for climate justice and making sure that voices of Most Affected Peoples and Areas (MAPA)’s strikers are heard, amplified, and given space. She first became an activist in 2017 after integrating with indigenous leaders of her country which pushed her to realize that collective action and system change is what we need for a just and greener society.



Founder and CEO, AGREA Agricultural Systems International, Inc, UN Food Systems Champion

Cherrie Atilano is the Founder and CEO of AGREA Agricultural Systems International, Inc., a for-purpose and inclusive business that is creating the first replicable one-island economy that is zero hunger, zero waste, and zero insufficiency. Cherrie started teaching farmers at the age of 12 and has 22 years of vast experience in sustainable food systems. She is a High-Level Ambassador of UN Scaling Up Nutrition, Food Systems Champion of the United Nations, Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, Board Member of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), and the Philippine Ambassador of Food Security. In 2020, with her leadership in COVID-19 response for connecting farmers to consumers – she is named the Best Top Manager in post-pandemic economy of the APEC Best Award, and champion for UN Women WEPs Award for COVID-19 response.


Nkhombo Khunga

Global Youth advocate for Nutrition/ Vice-Chair UNFSS AT5, Civil Society Organisations Nutrition Alliance (CSONA)

Society, private sectors and government to address high levels of malnutrition in Malawi. Mike joined Civil Society Organisation Nutrition Alliance (CSONA) where he focuses on nutrition budget analysis to reveal nutrition financing gap and training community media to develop programs that will increase community awareness on nutrition. Mike leads youth nutrition project in Malawi, empowering community youths to become nutrition champion.

Mike is a strong Youth Leader for Nutrition and the Youth Vice Chair for Action Track 5 of the UN Food System Summit

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Thin Yu Mon

Program Director, Chin Human Rights Organisation, UN Global




Communications Lead, UN Food Systems Summit